Rico C “range drifter”

This collection started out as a library album named On A Wire that I proposed to a large music company a couple of years ago. Subsequently I decided to expand the album and retitle it to its current form.

I’ve been making pieces for treated guitar as long as I’ve been recording. Present-day editing capabilities have enabled me to take the idea a few steps further. There are no solo pieces here, but each of these tracks started out as a solo or several solos, and was then pieced together in the computer.

Most of the pieces were recorded over the last few years, with the notable exception of seventeen11, which is a time capsule sent by my 22-year-old self, in the form of a long-lost cassette labeled “17th November 1979”. The original long and meandering exploration has here been edited into something that rather took me by surprise.

As usual the album is hosted on Bandcamp, and I’ll probably get around to spotifying it and stuff, but the WAVs are the best way to listen, being fresh off the chopping block as it were.


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